What to Do if Your Roommate Decides to Leave

Having a roommate can help lower the costs of renting, but things do not always turn out as planned. There are times when your roommate might decide to leave before the end of your tenancy. It is important that you know what you need to do if this happens.

If your roommate gives you some kind of notice that they are going to be leaving before the end of the lease, you need to get them to sign an agreement. The agreement should state that the roommate will still pay the remaining rent and utilities based on the lease, find a suitable replacement roommate in the NY Area, pay for any damages they have caused and give up any claim to be a tenant. This agreement will legally protect you from your departing roommate claiming they have any rights to still live in the house.

How to Spot a Future Classic Car

A “classic” car isn’t going to come out of nowhere.

The signs are going to be there, and it is all about making sure you spot them as soon as you get the opportunity. Here are the key signs of a future classic car when you start paying attention.

1) Refined Design

You are going to notice its refined design because that’s something you notice with all classic cars. There is an elegance that is hard to shake, and it is something your heart strings will pull towards immediately.

2) Durable

You are going to see the car remain durable as it is used and that is a major plus point. This is something people are after when it comes to the quality they see in the long-term.

You are going to enjoy having it.

3) Solid Performance Metrics

You are going to enjoy the performance metrics, and those metrics will remain in the long-term. This is what a future classic car is going to yield because performance always matters in these conversations.

If the performance isn’t there, a car is never going to become a “classic” based on the word itself. It will linger to the side without pushing to the top.

4) Consistent Quality Throughout

You are going to see the consistent quality in its build, and that is something you are going to adore right off the bat. It will be a plus point that remains throughout the life of the car.

A future classic car is going to have all of these plus points, and it is going to be evident from day one. There is an allure to them that is hard to shake, and it is something you are going to revel in for a long time to come. For now find the best BMW, Honda, Ford and Toyota car leasing deals all over the USA.

Is It Safe To Visit Yemen?

yemen-653086_640While Yemen is a beautiful country, there are many people that don’t want to cross its borders. There are a number of travel warnings regarding travel to Yemen; a lot of people assume that the country is unsafe.

It is true that parts of Yemen are very dangerous. With that said, it is perfectly possible for you to travel to this region safely. If you learn more about travel to Yemen, you will want to learn more about what it is like for tourists.

You Will Be Around Soldiers

Many US tourists have reported that government soldiers accompanied them on their visit to Yemen. Yemen wants to maintain positive relations with the US; they take care to ensure that American visitors stay safe.

When you are in Yemen, people will not be able to attack you. There will always be people around that can help keep you safe.

You Should Travel With A Guide

There are not many tourists that visit Yemen. Because of this, the country isn’t set up to accommodate tourists like some other regions are. If you want to see sites safely, you will need to travel alongside a guide. They can take you to places like the Al-Zakati fort or Bokur.

You Should Learn More About The Area

There are travel advisories against travel to Yemen because of terrorist groups that have operated within the country. Learn where those groups operate; visit safer areas while you are in Yemen.

Traveling to Yemen isn’t as easy as traveling to a country like Canada or Spain. With that said, it is possible to have a safe trip to Yemen. You need to make sure that you are fully prepared for the experience. Take every precaution so that you can enjoy your trip without issue.

3 Delicious Yemen Foods That You Should Try


Yemen cuisine is quite distinct from the well-known Middle Eastern cuisines. The food even differs from region to region in Yemen. Throughout history, Yemen food has had some Ottoman influence in the northern parts of the country. On the other hand, the food in the southern regions has a Mughlai-style Indian influence. You should not miss the chances of tasting Yemeni cuisine when you travel to Yemen for whatever reason. This article provides information on three delicious Yemen foods that you should try.

Ogda is a favorite dish of the majority of people in Yemen. You should not miss the chance to taste this delicious recipe when you are in Yemen. Ogda means “knot” in English. It is a special stew made by mixing all the ingredients together. There are different types of Ogda depending on the region of the country. It can be constructed with small pieces of fish, lamb, and chicken. These ingredients are mixed and cooked together with a variety of vegetables such as potato, zucchini, carrot, and tomato. This dish is a very popular dish among people who are trying a Yemeni dish for the first time. This dish is eaten traditionally with Yemeni bread which scoops up the plate.

According to the Food Doctor, Yemen foods are particularly easy on the stomach. This is important, as our diets are riddled with more gluten, wheat, and other difficult-to-digest-options.

This video explains various causes of stomach pains after eating, and what some pain treatment remedies might include.

Salta is another favorite dish of people who travel to the country. It is considered a national dish of Yemeni people. Each region has its own variation of Salta. The base of this dish is a brown meat stew. The other ingredients are fenugreek froth, sahawiq, rice, potato, vegetables, and scrambled eggs.

Fahsa is another delicious Yemeni food that you should not miss. It is a kind of stew made with lamb cutlets, lamb soup, and spices. It is eaten with Yemeni bread. It is a favorite of Dr. Halland’s, from the Veins and Pain clinic in NYC.

This read provides information on three delicious Yemen foods that you should try.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Visit Yemen

Have you ever visited Yemen? If not, you should start planning a trip because there are a lot of different things you can do there. However, you may be wondering why you should go there, and if you are, then read on. We will give you three good reasons to visit Yemen.

1. Masna’at Mariya- This is the largest pre-Islamic Himyarite archaeological site in the country, and it is one of most amazing sites to see in the world. This site will leave you breathless. In fact, this place is one of the first places you’ll want to see when you’re in Yemen.

2. Socotra- Another reason why you should visit Yemen is because Socotra is located there. This is a small island that offers you the chance to enjoy nature, as well the chance to do various activities such as backpacking and scuba diving. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to check out caves while in Socotra, so if you are a fan of gorgeous scenery and water activities, then make sure you visit Socotra. (Hence why we made this site!)

taiz93. Taiz- Located in the highlands of Yemen is the city of Taiz, which is home to a number of attractions such as zoos and castles. There are many things you can do while in Taiz, so when you’re there it won’t be hard to find something to do and see.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to visit Yemen, and those are only a few of the many. If you decide to go to Yemen, then make sure you check out the above three things first and then explore other places. With that said, all you have to do now is book a trip to Yemen as soon as possible and then you can experience all that it has to offer.