Legal Requirements for You to Work Behind a Bar in New York

A lot of folks dream of moving to New York and getting a job. New York City is a prominent American city, a place where fashion and commerce rule the world, where celebrities spend time. It’s true, that if you can make it here, you can probably make it anywhere. The city itself is not the only dream destination either of those that come here. A whole state is a vibrant place, and some come, not to make it huge, but just to be a part of it, even if it’s something as simple as being behind the bar and serving drinks.

Three things are necessary for this to happen. First, you have to live here, so moving is necessary if you aren’t a resident already. Second, you need to know how to mix and make many different drinks. Third, you have to match the local requirements to be behind the bar in New York.

It’s necessary to have that last one taken care of before you start job hunting bars and restaurants looking for someone behind the counter. If you’re new to the sector, they’re not likely going to wait weeks or even months for you to get your papers in order, so you need to have all that taken care of before your first application.

Start your requirement hunting at the state level, looking for any Licence or certifications that you need to get. Where it might get complicated is at the municipal level, where individual counties, towns, and cities might have their additional requirements that you have to meet. They will always be more stringent than state laws if they exist though, so consider the state regulations a minimum you have to achieve. The best bartending school sharing lots of thought on it so follow on twitter and get the most out of it.